Our Work in Ireland


About Lilly in Ireland

Lilly has been in Ireland since 1978 and today employs around 1,300 people, with an additional 500 outsourced & contract staff involved in the provision of day-to-day support services for the company’s operations here.

The manufacturing campus in Kinsale employs over 700 people, and uses complex chemical synthesis & biotechnology manufacturing processes to make active ingredients for medicines across therapeutic areas such as oncology, immunology and diabetes. The site is also involved in process development and optimisation across both manufacturing platforms. The mission of the Kinsale facility is to support the commercialisation, manufacture and supply of many of the newest medicines in Lilly’s portfolio.

Established in 2010, the Global Business Solutions centre in Little Island has moved from shared service provider to global business partner, creating a centre of excellence in functions such as finance, customer meeting services, HR data management, medical information, clinical trial capabilities and more. Currently it employs over 600 employees across 38 nationalities, speaking 35 languages.

The company also employs a sales & marketing team in Ireland, which is dispersed across the country and whose current areas of focus are diabetes, immunology and oncology.