Manufacturing - Kinsale, Co. Cork

Kinsale Manufacturing

The Kinsale Manufacturing operations are located at Dunderrow, close to the historic and scenic town of Kinsale, Co. Cork. Production commenced at this facility in 1981 and currently over 700 people are employed at the site.

The site was originally purchased in 1976 and the site now occupies almost 50 Hectares. The mission of the Kinsale facility is to support the development, manufacture and supply of many of the medicines in Lilly’s portfolio. The site uses advanced chemical and biological processes to produce a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients that produce a medical benefit; these are further processed at various facilities to supply medicines to patients worldwide.

For more detailed information see ‘Current Focus’.

Our History

Current Focus

Since the early days, the Kinsale site's main focus has been manufacturing and supplying the company's medicines. This focus continues, but now the mission is expanding with the development of centres of technical excellence, allowing us to participate earlier in the life cycle of innovative new medicines. As a result, Kinsale is now engaged in three main business activities:

Small Molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacture & Supply

Small molecules are manufactured using chemical synthesis technologies and this was at the heart of the Kinsale site’s initial manufacturing mission. This small molecule manufacturing and supply business remains core to Kinsale's mission. We strive to be the most valued supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for Lilly’s launched medicines. Continuously improving our capabilities in small molecule manufacturing technology and ensuring the highest standards of operational excellence remains a top priority for the site.

Small Molecule Commercialisation

More recently, Kinsale has become a centre for synthetic Small Molecule API commercialisation. In collaboration with our US based Chemical Product Research and Development colleagues, the Kinsale site is involved in late phase product development and optimisation. These activities include product technical transfers, scale-ups and clinical trial API manufacture. They also involve the implementation of new technologies such as advanced analytics, PAT and continuous processing technologies.

Biopharmaceutical Commercialisation and Supply

In 2006, Lilly announced that Kinsale would become the main centre for the manufacture and supply of active ingredients for its new biopharmaceutical medicines. To support this changing mission, a significant investment in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and commercialisation facilities was made and operations commenced in 2011. This investment has allowed the site diversify into technologies to produce monoclonal antibodies (mAb's) and provides the capability to further develop newly discovered medicines in partnership with research and development colleagues in the US. The site has also added to its established extensive analytical support of small molecule manufacturing with the development of new bio-analytical capabilities and is now beginning to support bioproduct analyses at other Lilly sites. Lilly has invested over €800m/$1billion in new manufacturing and support facilities at the Kinsale site over the past decade, this has ensured that the site’s state-of-the-art facilities are very well equipped to deliver Lilly’s innovative new product pipeline.

The Kinsale site has for over three decades succeeded in fostering a working environment where team members take pride in both the excellence of their personal and collective contributions and the positive benefits they provide to patients around the world.