Lilly's Anti-Counterfeit Initiatives

Lilly’s core values prioritise patient safety first. With this as our guiding principle, we have established a Global Anti-Counterfeiting Team to take immediate steps to help protect patients from counterfeit medicines. Our team brings together various expertise and activities across our company, including: manufacturing, global security, sales, forensics labs, government affairs, legal, and others.


Comprehensive Approach

The global threat of counterfeiting requires a holistic and comprehensive approach which must:

  • Strive to better secure and monitor the global pharmaceutical supply chain;
  • Establish a strong legal framework for deterring illegal activity;
  • Strengthen and ensure adequate penalties;
  • Enable capacity building for better enforcement;
  • Provide for on-going collaboration between the private and public sectors; and
  • Strengthen international cooperation.


Partnerships to Protect Patients

We work with governmental, regulatory and border protection agencies to help officials identify and stop counterfeit medicines from reaching Irish patients. Lilly partners with law enforcement and regulatory agencies around the world to locate and detain counterfeiting criminals and those who purposefully move counterfeit products around the world.

To stop counterfeiting, we must combine the efforts of governments, patient organisations, medical networks and manufacturers. We will only succeed if we act together – and act globally.


Education and Awareness

Lilly’s international educational efforts inform decision makers and health professionals about the real dangers that exist. Lilly has joined forces with non-governmental organisations such as the World Health Organization, World Health Professionals Association, World Customs Organization, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and others to alert patients, health care providers and government officials about alarming global trends in counterfeit medicine distribution. The threat must be fully recognised in order to create an international effort able to combat the growing technological sophistication and capabilities of today’s counterfeiters.